Beard Care: The Best Masters Tips

Today, hallmark of a stylish, knowledgeable fashion and current trends regarding appearance of man is nothing more than a beard.

We bring to your attention to 5 excellent ways that contribute to rapid growth of beard, as well as its well-groomed and attractive appearance.

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Gray hair or beard sex after 60 years?

In understanding of most young people, old age is period of purely platonic relations, when cottage, taking care of grandchildren and watching television shows in evenings come to fore.

Meanwhile, sex after 60, 70 and even 80 years is quite normal. According to statistics from English scientists, more than half of British men and about third of women over 70 have rather active sex life.

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Personal care for men. Daily ritual

It is generally believed, that daily ritual of self-care is only for women. Nevertheless, we advise men to think about this issue. Times have changed, and now just to wash with water before going out isn`t enough, because pleasant and well-groomed appearance is another opportunity to show yourself to others in best light.

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Male skin features care

Men’s facial skin is denser and less sensitive. It doesn’t require same careful care and protection, as women. In addition, men are supporters of minimalism and prefer to do small amount of funds to achieve good result.

In this article, you will learn, how to properly care for men’s skin, depending on age and skin condition, in order to look successful and attractive.

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Proper Foot Care

Our feet are in suspense all day. Especially for women, as they often are on his heels. How to properly care for your feet, so they’re always beautiful in sight?

How to relieve fatigue with feet?

In the summer, in a heat, your feet sweat quite often. After a day’s recommended footbaths. If they do before bedtime, they you will relax and will calm and soothe. So how do the footbaths?

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Men’s Health: is it real?

If we compare men`s health with female health we can see, that it is more fragile. In nature woman have better health, but they visit doctors more often. As the statistics say, over 60% of woman have one or another disease.

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How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Cialis vs Levitra vs Viagra

When a man faces difficulties with erection, he can count on the medical help and buy Cialis online (you can buy it here).  Though testing of the health state is highly recommended before to start treatment but in order to solve the problem right there and then a patient can take one of the magic pills intended to cure the impotence. The most popular of them are Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), and viagra in australia (Sildenafil). They are oral remedies, which have differences in administration, restrictions and effect. Still in general they work in much the same way causing the blood flow to the penis. If you do not want to know how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and prefer the proved medication, we offer you to compare the above drugs and choose the one intended right for you.

The principle of work

Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are considered as the medications of the same class being PDE-5 inhibitors, which block an enzyme known also as phosphodiesterase type 5 and at the same time they increase the nitric oxide that occurrs naturally in the organism during the sexual intercourse. As the result the muscles in the penis relax and blood flows freely to it causing the erection that can be maintained as long as it is needed for sex. They can be used both for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction treatment. The difference is connected with the time period, during which the active substance stays in the bloodstream. If Levitra and Viagra can be found in blood during about 4-6 hours, Cialis can be found during about 18 hours or even longer. This is the vital information for the cases when a patient should take other medications.

Taking into account the different time of action and the period when the effect of the drug lasts, a man can choose the most appropriate pills considering the different side effects and contra indications. Consulting with a doctor any other health conditions should be mentioned.

How and When

As distinguished to natural ways to cure erectile dysfunction, brand ED tabs of all forms require a doctor’s prescription, but their generic analogues can be bought online without any special requirements. Every remedy is presented in tabs of different strengths, it is very convenient. So a man can increase dose adjusting it to his conditions.

Cialis is taken once a day with or without food about 30 to 60 minutes before a man is going to have sex. There is a 24-hour dose of Cialis. Any way it should not be used more often than once a day. Levitra also is taken once a day about 30 to 60 minutes before sex but only on an empty stomach. Viagra like Levitra shows the best result when administered on an empty stomach about 30 to 60 minutes before sex. In general the eating preferences should be considered when Viagra is applied because high-fat food can reduce its effect. It stops to be active rather quickly just in 4-5 hours. The time depends on the peculiarities of a man’s condition.

This treatment for erectile dysfunction is very effective if a patient follows the directions. If the instructions are departed from, a patient can suffer from side effects, which are mostly the same for all oral ED medications. Sometimes they can cause fainting or just dizziness, and priapism when erection lasts longer than 4 hours and doesn’t fade. But still there are differences. Just compare!

Side effects of Cialis:

  • bad back
  • muscle and head aches
  • digestive troubles
  • running nose

Side effects of Viagra and Levitra:

  • vision disorders
  • flushing
  • headache
  • digestive troubles
  • running nose

If you prefer natural cures for erectile dysfunction, remember that they are not tested in a proper way and can be dangerous or just ineffective. Still some of them work. To find out more about such remedies, turn to

Improving Sperm Quality: 5 Foods For Motility, Activity And Sperm Count

We are what we eat! Learn how to improve sperm quality with food. Thanks to right products, you can increase amount of sperm, increase mobility and activity of sperm. If you want to become father or improve performance of your beloved man, then this article will help you.

Increasingly, cause of infertility in couple isn`t in women’s, but in men’s health. Male infertility is curable and incurable. But if guy doesn`t suffer from such rare pathology as absence of sperm in principle, then you can try to improve quality of sperm, increase number of sperm and make them more active, mobile and shuster using products that increase male fertility.

If you doubt about quality of your sperm, take sperm analysis and let doctor explain its performance to you.

So, here are 5 products that increase number of spermatozoa, improve their quality and activity.

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How to improve sperm quality and what affects it?

How to improve quality of sperm and why you need to increase power of seed? Unfortunately, when deciding on child, future parents believe that it`s enough to abandon contraceptives and know time of ovulation. In some cases, woman undergoes necessary examination to improve her health, if necessary.

No one thinks about men’s problems, they aren`t in hurry to check their health. Men are confident that if reproductive system “in face” of penis “works” normally, then there is no need to undergo examination, nothing affects conception.

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How to improve skin condition with proper nutrition?

If eyes are mirror of soul, then skin is mirror reflecting malfunctions in body. Whether hormonal disorders, negative impact of adverse ecology, stress or bad habits. But there is way to improve skin condition – with help of well-chosen diet.

Skin problems aren`t peculiar to teenagers. Acne, black spots, oily shine, redness and flaking can be serious problem for mature man. But face is “calling card” of person, your self-esteem, your mood depends on skin condition. Noticed skin problems on your reflection in mirror? Don`t worry, we will help you.

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