Beard Care: The Best Masters Tips

Today, hallmark of a stylish, knowledgeable fashion and current trends regarding appearance of man is nothing more than a beard.

We bring to your attention to 5 excellent ways that contribute to rapid growth of beard, as well as its well-groomed and attractive appearance.

Proper nutrition

Proper balanced nutrition and sleep promotes growth of beard, as well as its healthy appearance. Proven fact: diet high in protein, less stress and sleep can help your beard grow faster. Emotional experiences provoke hair loss and prevent beard from growing properly. Animal proteins provide body with essential amino acids that promote beneficial hair growth. And sleep is necessary for these substances to be well and properly absorbed. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Maintenance of water-salt balance is also necessary. To do this, use at least 2 liters of pure water per day.

Grow it calmly

Let the beard grow calmly. The problem you come across is impatience. To achieve desired result – have patience! If your chin is itchy and itchy – don’t be in a hurry to get upset, soon your skin will get used to long hair and stop itching. To help her in this, apply indelible spray conditioner after each shower, which you can buy in women’s cosmetics department.

Don`t forget about vitamins

Take vitamins for beard hair beauty. Regular multivitamins, which can be bought at any pharmacy, will significantly improve structure of beard’s hair, and hence its appearance. And also make various masks with nutritious oils. For rapid growth, use burdock oil, and for healthy shine – apricot essential oil.

Make cuts

Don`t be afraid to cut beard. If tips of your beard split, don`t be afraid to get rid of them through haircuts. Body takes a lot of energy to restore damaged hair, and growth of new forces no longer remains.

Use hair thickener

If, like many beard you have growing foci, pay attention to hair thickener. So hair will look thicker than it actually is and problem areas will close with hair. Celebrities often have short and thick beards and use this method. Thickener is special spray or powder, and it gives perfect result. Selecting thickener, choose color as close as possible to your beard color, so as not to look like spotted Dalmatian.

So now you know all the secrets. Try to use them to get the best results ever.