Dropsy of testicular membranes and seminal crest hypertrophy

Dropsy of testicular membranes (hydrocele) is an accumulation of liquid in the cavities of one or both testicles, which can have different nature and forms. Here we must name the following:

  • The blood.
  • Fluid effusion in the cavity of testicular fluid.
  • Transudate. Exudate in the cavity of testicular lymph (sometimes inflammatory).
  • Effusion in the cavity of testicular fluid after the external inguinal ring.
  • The investigation of a conducted varicocele surgery and the violation of venous blood outflow from the testis.
  • A consequence of relapse after surgery for varicocele repair.

Hydrocephalus can be congenital and acquired. It is common for newborn boys and men at the age from 20 to 30.

Dropsy of testicular membranes and seminal crest hypertrophy

The causes of hydrocele

The main functions of eggs and shells are to produce the fluid, that helps testis to move freely to the scrotum. There is a balance between the liquid generation and reverse absorption. If the process of vaginal sheath suction fluid is disrupted, it can cause its accumulation and as the result dropsy.

The cause of congenital hydrocele in newborns is the accumulation of the fluid in the cavity of small eggs. Very often such disease can disappear with the time, as the result of closed vaginal process.

The causes can be different:

  • The inflammation of the epididymis.
  • Violation of lymphatic drainage and pelvic lymph nodes.
  • Scrotum injuries.
  • Severe heart failure.
  • Complications after varicocele operation.

The disease can occur in chronic and acute form. That can be the result of inflammation in the testicle.

The hydrocele treatment

The treatment of hydrocele is always operative. There are two main ways to release the liquid:

  • The hydrocele puncture.
  • The operation, which will open the cavity with fluid.

Temporary and quick help for a patient must be provided by means of puncture dropsy with a special needle and syringe.

Seminal crest hypertrophy

Seminal crest hypertrophy is a congenital malformation in genitourinary system, in which there is a hyperplasia in elements of crest hypertrophy. In turn, crest hypertrophy is an anatomical formation, that is located on the rear side of urethra and has the form of tubercle.

The main causes

As you know, that pathology is congenital, so it is also very hard to give the only one reason for it. A lot of scientists believe, that such anomalies have the first role and that factor can have the influence on a pregnant woman. That’s why at the stage of pregnancy it is very important not to eat salty, fried and spicy food and also drink alcohol.

The treatment

The treatment of such disease depends on the stage and desire to carry out the diagnosis. In the initial stage there is a slight increase in seminal crest. It is performed by the usage of such special device, as resectoscope. That is very similar to cytoscope – it can be inserted in the urethra. Visual control will help to know the stage of illness.

If the situation is more complex, when isn’t possible to introduce the resectoscope, the seminal crest hypertrophy will be made by perineal access. At the same time, the skin incision of the perineum is performed, and with the sharp and blunt things the urethra in the prostate area is performed. During the operation all the foreign things will be removed with the help of scalpel.

If you notice any problem with your health, you must visit doctor immediately. He will make the observation and will propose you to pass the medical analysis. And, by the results, which you will get, he will name the disease and choose the best and effective therapy, with help of which you will reach good results and return your health.