Gray hair or beard sex after 60 years?

In understanding of most young people, old age is period of purely platonic relations, when cottage, taking care of grandchildren and watching television shows in evenings come to fore.

Meanwhile, sex after 60, 70 and even 80 years is quite normal. According to statistics from English scientists, more than half of British men and about third of women over 70 have rather active sex life.

Similar study in the United States showed that older Americans also don`t stop having sex. In post-Soviet space, with such studies, situation is more complicated, according to survey of elderly people aged 70–74 years, only 16% still have intimate life, but this is still a lot.

Older people love, affection and attention perhaps even more necessary than all rest. After all, when children have grown up, their careers are over, support and relationships with partner become even more significant and important in their lives. Same applies to sexual relations.

Benefits of mature sex

We have already mentioned that sex after 50 has its advantages. As a rule, by age of 50-60, people finally realize that it is they who like sex, they begin to better understand their body and listen to it, and they get rid of their high expectations from their partner. In adulthood, sex is not too frequent, but better.

In men, some sexual disorders may disappear with age, for example, premature ejaculation. Experts have not fully resolved this phenomenon, but partially explain it by fact that mature men stop worrying so much about sex as in their youth.

With women and at all in adulthood there are very pleasant surprises. Doctors from different countries have repeatedly recorded cases when ladies managed to experience first orgasm in life only after 50 or even 70 years.

Among other things, if children have already moved to their own housing, couple finally have full-fledged personal space and more time for each other. They no longer need to fear that someone will return home at wrong time or enter bedroom.

Lonely older people can also maintain high sexual activity. Of course, it is much more difficult for them to meet, however, nobody canceled sex toys and masturbation.

By the way, for women, vaginal balls and various exercise machines aren`t only useful for pleasure, they train and strengthen muscles of pelvic floor, helping to keep them in good shape. It turns out that there are no objective physiological reasons to stop having sex after 45 or 60 years. And fact that many elderly couples deny themselves intimacy after certain age, only social stereotypes are to blame.

Sex isn`t just for fun

Large number of studies conducted by scientists from different countries have shown that sex in old age is associated not only with pleasure, but also has incredibly beneficial effect on health.

So scientists from Taiwan have shown that regular sex life after 60 years reduces risk of sudden death from stroke by 50%, from diabetes – by 40%, from heart attack –by 30%. In addition, it turned out that men who have retained regular sex life at age of 65 years and older, had best physical form in comparison with their other peers.

For older women, regular sex reduces risk of hypertension and protects against cardiovascular diseases. Also, sex has positive effect on intellectual abilities of elderly. A survey of people from 63 to 75 years showed that those who still live intimate lives are less likely to suffer from memory impairment and absent-mindedness.