How to improve skin condition with proper nutrition?

If eyes are mirror of soul, then skin is mirror reflecting malfunctions in body. Whether hormonal disorders, negative impact of adverse ecology, stress or bad habits. But there is way to improve skin condition – with help of well-chosen diet.

Skin problems aren`t peculiar to teenagers. Acne, black spots, oily shine, redness and flaking can be serious problem for mature man. But face is “calling card” of person, your self-esteem, your mood depends on skin condition. Noticed skin problems on your reflection in mirror? Don`t worry, we will help you.

Nutrition plays key role in skin health. Through it, body removes unnecessary and harmful substances, so quality and composition of food directly depends on how your face will look. It will also affect excessive use of coffee or energy drinks, with which you try to cheer up in morning and during day. And fact that you “threw into furnace” at gatherings with friends during match of your favorite team. To get rid of “unpleasant illness”, it`s important to change approach to nutrition, get rid of bad eating habits.

Choose the right sweet

If you have skin problems, first of all limit sweet consumption: chocolate, cookies, cakes and other pastry masterpieces. What are they guilty in man face? Sweets contain, in addition to flavor enhancers and preservatives, so-called fast, or easily digestible, carbohydrates, which means that after meal, level of sugar in your blood rises dramatically, causing jump in level of hormone insulin.

Such jump contributes to activation of inflammatory processes at cellular level, and also makes body more susceptible to various infections. It follows that all traditional sweets are “pro-inflammatory foods” and can potentially lead to acne, blackheads, etc.

Refuse fatty foods

Excess fat, obtained by body from food you eat, isn`t only deposited in form of extra pounds, but also contributes to increase in skin fat content due to increase in sebum production. As result, pores through which skin exchanges gas (“breathes”), and also removes toxic and harmful substances, become clogged, bacteria multiply in them. This leads to acne formation.

Exclude from diet obviously harmful

Don`t abuse fast food, chips, snacks, crackers and crackers. These products contain a lot of salt, spices, flavorings and oils. These ingredients impede and disrupt bowels and sebaceous glands. Also be careful with use of spices and seasonings. Frequent and abundant consumption of foods rich in essential oils, such as garlic, onions, and radish, can negatively affect skin.

Refuse spicy food – it affects not only intestines and liver, but also affects peripheral nervous system, which, among other things, is also responsible for regulation of flow and sebaceous excretions, as well as for tone of blood vessels.

Be selective about drinks.

Your best assistant on way to healthy and beautiful skin is clean, non-carbonated drinking water. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. If this is unusual for you, then just put bottle of water next to you and drink in small portions during day – as much as you like.

Be wary of various carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Many of them are distinguished by a high content of sugars, in addition to their composition you can see whole list of chemicals (dyes, preservatives, taste improvers, stabilizers).

Watch your diet

Modern rapid pace of life dictates its own rules. Many already don`t notice lack of breakfast, replacement of full meal with regular snacks during working day, often overeat at dinner, sometimes just before bedtime.

Problem skin doesn`t tolerate such a scornful attitude. Your body requires regular meals with three main meals, the last of which is no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Remember, this isn`t a call for total failure, but for full control over the quality and quantity of what we eat. Of course, you should stop smoking, normalize diet and sleep. It will be exclusively for benefit of entire body and will serve as long-term contribution to your health.

But don`t expect quick results, even if you started to eat properly and normalized daily routine. Harmful substances accumulated in your body more than one day, it takes time to cleanse body. In first time after diet changes, it may seem that there is some worsening of inflammatory processes in skin. That`s okay and there is nothing to worry about.