How to improve sperm quality and what affects it?

How to improve quality of sperm and why you need to increase power of seed? Unfortunately, when deciding on child, future parents believe that it`s enough to abandon contraceptives and know time of ovulation. In some cases, woman undergoes necessary examination to improve her health, if necessary.

No one thinks about men’s problems, they aren`t in hurry to check their health. Men are confident that if reproductive system “in face” of penis “works” normally, then there is no need to undergo examination, nothing affects conception.

Nevertheless, urologists and andrologists assert that it affects, and are sounding alarm. Against background of apparent sexual health problems in men is enough. Almost half of pairs remain childless precisely because of poor seed quality.

Don`t think that having excellent erection ensures excellent quality of “seed material”. Quality of male sperm is no less important than good state of reproductive system in women. Often, according to results of examination, doctors advise to first improve quality of sperm, and then think about children.

How to become “competitive”?

This, of course, isn`t about combating potential sexual partners of woman, but about “competitiveness” of one’s own sperm. It is endurance of “zinger” that determines victory and strong offspring in end. Sperm cells can suffer from many factors: poor nutrition, stress, poor physiology, etc. Any activities that improve quality of seed, will conceive healthy baby.

Of course, during development of medicine you can conceive child in test tube, “deceiving” Mother Nature, but still natural conception remains preferable. To conceive healthy children, motile, morphologically “correct” sperm cells must prevail (more than 50%) in seminal fluid.

1 ml of them should contain at least 20 million “tadpoles”, although leader will be only one, the fastest, which will have to overcome many barriers to cherished goal. This can be checked and determined using semen and, if necessary, improve composition of seminal fluid.

Negative effect on sperm

What determines the quality of sperm? What affects sperm? First of all, to increase their survival, you need to achieve absence of negative factors:

  • Wi-Fi (Internet). According to recent studies, wireless Internet affects motility of sperm – reduces by 25%. In addition, there is evidence that excessive “life online” can damage sperm DNA. About increasing viability of ejaculate and sperm can`t speak.
  • Negative effects of physiological and psychological problems in body.
  • Poor nutrition, lack of vitamins and overweight.
  • Ecology and bad habits.
  • Prolonged abstinence, venereal and infectious factors.

How to increase sperm quality?

It`s possible to easily improve quality of sperm and increase strength; improving methods are available to everyone, it`s only important to want. Here are some ways to improve sperm quality:

  • Optimum temperature condition. Avoid overheating of the testicles, their temperature should not exceed normal body temperature. It is necessary to abandon tight linen, hot shower before sexual intercourse and lead active life. Rejection of bad habits.
  • Changing environmental factors. If possible, refuse products containing amplifiers and additives that don`t work with chemicals and toxic products.
  • Active lifestyle.
  • Normalization of weight (beer and obesity lead to change in spermogram) and exclusion of stress.
  • Disease treatment on time.
  • Regular sex with one partner.
  • Compliance with proper and complete diet (protein, vitamins, high-quality products).

High-quality sperm and intelligence

The higher the intelligence, the better quality of ejaculate – so say scientists from New Mexico, they are confident that high-quality male sperm depends on mind. Level of intelligence strongly influences offspring and, as it were, determines moral and physical indicators of man and gives “guarantee” that seed can produce healthy offspring.

Women, according to “call of nature,” always choose more developed male with high-quality sperm and in most cases wouldn`t bring posterity from “low-grade” partner.

Of course, in modern world, natural instincts were somewhat smoothed, basis for reproduction of offspring lay not only pure animal consciousness, but also personal sympathies, and social and material base, and  opinions of others. And if in female nature, without thinking, goes in search of another male, then in human society woman, having “poor quality” partner, for various reasons either rejects idea of ​​becoming mother, or has been trying to improve situation for years.

Therefore, to improve quality of sperm, scientists advise men to adhere to healthy lifestyle, read a lot, analyze and replenish their knowledge, learn.