Improving Sperm Quality: 5 Foods For Motility, Activity And Sperm Count

We are what we eat! Learn how to improve sperm quality with food. Thanks to right products, you can increase amount of sperm, increase mobility and activity of sperm. If you want to become father or improve performance of your beloved man, then this article will help you.

Increasingly, cause of infertility in couple isn`t in women’s, but in men’s health. Male infertility is curable and incurable. But if guy doesn`t suffer from such rare pathology as absence of sperm in principle, then you can try to improve quality of sperm, increase number of sperm and make them more active, mobile and shuster using products that increase male fertility.

If you doubt about quality of your sperm, take sperm analysis and let doctor explain its performance to you.

So, here are 5 products that increase number of spermatozoa, improve their quality and activity.

Food to increase mobility, activity and sperm count

If a woman has problems with conceiving child, if after long attempts and repeated efforts pregnancy doesn`t occur, and her test results are normal. That means that in 30% of cases it`s impossible to get pregnant because of problems with male fertility. That is why it`s so important to eat right, maintain healthy lifestyle and be examined not only by women, but also by men.

Red pepper, carrot, oatmeal, dried apricots

By red pepper is meant both sweet and hot pepper – chili. Main vitamin of these products is vitamin A, which helps to get healthier sperm, affects sperm motility. Lack of vitamin A in diet of men can lead to decrease in fertility – sperm become weak, sluggish and slow.

Also, to improve quality and quantity of sperm, eat dark green lettuce, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, and dairy products with vitamin A.

But remember that excess of vitamin A is also very unhealthy! Observe throughout golden mean.

Asparagus, tomatoes, strawberries

Vitamin C in this food increases motility of sperm and their viability – affect how quickly and efficiently, they actively move.

Vitamin C and vitamin A are found in many of same foods: red pepper, potatoes, yellow vegetables and fruits, cabbage.

Antioxidants contained in these foods help increase sperm count by eliminating harmful effects of free radicals.

It`s better to eat processed tomatoes – stewed, baked, canned. Although fresh, they are also very useful.

Salmon, sardines, anchovies, walnuts

Omega-3 fatty acids improve blood supply – increase blood flow to genitals and have beneficial effect on sexual function. Sperm healthy men contain significant amount of variety of fatty acids. But sperm less fertile men are very many of them are not counted.

Also, along with fatty fish, it`s recommended to eat crabs, shrimps, chickens, flaxseed oil or seeds, arugula. You can increase amount of semen just by eating foods rich in omega-3 acid!

Turkey, pumpkin seeds, eggs, oysters, seafood

Insufficient zinc content can lead to decrease in testosterone and decrease in number of spermatozoa. Zinc is found in most foods — also in yogurt, beef, grains, and oatmeal.

Avocados, legumes, green vegetables, whole grains

Folic acid is a very important component of both male and female fertility. Low levels of folic acid in parents can lead to birth of children with pathologies. If man has low level of folic acid, then his sperm may begin to suffer from chromosomal abnormalities.

To increase number of spermatozoa and improve quality of sperm, to adjust its production with quality characteristics, be sure to eat more dark green vegetables and fruits: apples, cucumbers, green pepper, etc. You can also buy vitamin complexes for pregnant women.

Spermogram can be taken both in laboratory and with home test – it will help determine whether man has fertility problems or everything is in order.

Please note that eating these foods can help increase semen rates not for everyone, but for many men – a lot depends on each individual case. However, this menu is definitely not harmful.