Male skin features care

Men’s facial skin is denser and less sensitive. It doesn’t require same careful care and protection, as women. In addition, men are supporters of minimalism and prefer to do small amount of funds to achieve good result.

In this article, you will learn, how to properly care for men’s skin, depending on age and skin condition, in order to look successful and attractive.

Male skin features

First of all, we want to say few words about male skin features. Perhaps, many of you know, that skin is a hormone-dependent organ, and since hormonal levels in men and women have certain differences, this naturally affects skin condition.

Men’s skin, as a rule, more dense, more fat and less sensitive, than female. Male skin advantage is that it is resistant to external irritants – sun, wind, heat or frost, and in most cases doesn`t require such careful care and protection as delicate female skin.

And, disadvantages are, that at young age guys are often concerned about increased skin oiliness and rash tendency.Of course, there are exceptions and you can meet men with thin, dry and sensitive skin. In this case you need special individual approach. We will try to give you universal tips, that will help to navigate men`s skin features and most likely will suit most of men’s skin owners without any problems.

Male skin care features

Male skin care peculiarity is that men, as a rule, are minimalists in care, they can`t tolerate large number of jars in bathroom, and don`t understand, why women are buying so many cosmetics. But, women do it, because it takes much more time and money to protect and care for delicate female skin. In addition, our society, including men, will make higher demands on female appearance than on men appearance. Fortunately for men, such thorough care isn`t required and in most cases it is possible to do with minimal amount of cosmetics.

Can men use cosmetics for women in their care?

Yes, in most cases, men can use facial cleansers, tonics, creams, peels and face masks, designed for women.But in such cases, you need to carefully approach cosmetics choice and take into account men`s skin peculiarities. For example, facial wash for normal and combination skin of women, may be too soft for normal and combination skin of men and not clean enough to cleanse skin of face. In this case, there is washed away try remedies intended for combination and oily female skin.And, of course, it is worth noting that some brands produce lines specifically designed for men’s skin home care. Such cosmetics are adapted to men’s skin characteristics, and in addition, such lines are distinguished by masculine design and fragrance.