Personal care for men. Daily ritual

It is generally believed, that daily ritual of self-care is only for women. Nevertheless, we advise men to think about this issue. Times have changed, and now just to wash with water before going out isn`t enough, because pleasant and well-groomed appearance is another opportunity to show yourself to others in best light.

Teeth care

It is quite simple. Brush your teeth and use floss twice a day, once in morning and once in evening – everything you need to create dazzling white-toothed smile. Excellent investment would be to buy electric toothbrush: it cleans better hard-to-reach places and teeth back surface. In addition, try not to buy toothbrushes with medium or high stiffness of bristles.

Face care

Skin is largest human organ that covers entire body surface, so taking care of it isn`t easy task. There are infinite number of skin care products, but among them there are basic ones that will give skin health and improve its appearance.

Why do we need cosmetics for face? Under adverse environmental factors influence, skin loses moisture and nutrients, as a result of which it becomes gray and unhealthy, pores become clogged with dirt, black spots and wrinkles appear. Cosmetics restore water balance, moisturize and nourish skin.

Most important recommendation for caring cosmetics selection – purchase products of well-known large companies with serious approach to monitoring quality of their products. But first, determine whether your skin is oily or dry. It will depend on what products are suitable for skin care.

Daily shower

Next, go to mode of taking shower. This is foundation of your daily skin care ritual. Look for shower gels with natural ingredients that don`t dry skin, as well as cleansers that include moisturizing ingredients.

In addition to shower gels, add few more specially designed skin care products after bath and shower that restore acid balance and nourish skin. Choose products recommended by dermatologists who don`t clog pores.


Shaving has become true synonym for masculinity and occupies important place in daily care ritual.

There are many ways to achieve perfectly smooth skin with help of various shaving devices: disposable razors, electric razors, and multi-blade machine. No matter which device you use, shave your hair in direction of growth; usually from top to bottom, but not always. Suppose that in this case razor doesn`t fit too tightly to skin, but you can avoid hair ingrowth and irritation after shaving. If possible, use shaving cream and remember that skin moisturizing plays important role.


We wouldn`t dwell on this. Cut nails weekly, remove dirt from under nails, use nail file. That’s enough, just don’t forget to do it.


Hair is one of most important characteristics of appearance and plays important role in image creating. Therefore, it`s very important to take care of them. Buying shampoo, that suits you is first step towards beautiful head of hair.

Stay away from shampoo-conditioner two-in-one, as this tool will dry scalp. Also, keep in mind that you don`t need to wash your hair too often, so as not to drain your hair and not cause development of dandruff.

The next step is hair styling. Gel will add shine and is suitable for hair combed back. Styling paste suitable for casual hairstyles.


Completing daily men’s care ritual, you must choose aroma. Depending on whether you are going to work or to party, perfume should be different. It is difficult to give any advice on choosing cologne, since everything depends on your mood and what you have in mind. However, main rule is that no one will appreciate cologne smell, if you haven`t taken shower before applying it.