Proper Foot Care

Our feet are in suspense all day. Especially for women, as they often are on his heels. How to properly care for your feet, so they’re always beautiful in sight?

How to relieve fatigue with feet?

In the summer, in a heat, your feet sweat quite often. After a day’s recommended footbaths. If they do before bedtime, they you will relax and will calm and soothe. So how do the footbaths?

Put two pelvis: one with hot water and the other with cold. First, put your feet in the hot water and keep them two minutes. Then, stick your feet in cold water, and keep the ten minutes. Continue with the procedure, and alternating cold and hot water. Ending the process of relaxation of legs, we douse them in cold water, and then rubbed his towel. These baths are ideal when it seems that your legs are burning.

In addition to these baths, there are others. With salt. Great, if you walked a lot and very tired. We need two quarts of water and 1 tablespoon salt. Tired feet as the ball will lift.

Get rid of athlete’s foot

In such a situation, the person becomes very awkward away or at home. And the smell get rid pretty hard. But there are ways to solve the problem.

Foot bath with potassium permanganate.

How does it do? We need a bowl of warm water. Breed crystals of potassium permanganate in water, and then add in the pelvis this solution so that the water has become a bit pink. But to start, to begin this procedure, you need to carefully wash your feet with SOAP and water.

Bath with oak bark.

Take 100 g oak barks, and fill it with five litres of water. Bring it to a boil, and cook 5 to 10 minutes. Cool broth and procedim. Then dip the feet in a basin with the broth and keep 10-20 minutes. Carry out this process every day and at bedtime.

Salt footbath. This is the easiest way. We need half a cup of salt to one liter of water. Fast helps get rid of hyperhidrosis.

Vinegar bath.

Take a bowl of warm water and add the vinegar. In 1 litre of water 2 Falls Church. l. vinegar. And keep your feet in a solution of approximately 10-15 minutes. Repeat this procedure once a week.

How to protect shoes from fungus and remove sweat smell?

The best way is to rub the shoes with vinegar. And in shoes, which, at the moment, is not used, put a piece of cotton wool soaked in vinegar. The vinegar kills any fungus.

Take care of yourself, and your feet! And then live it will be much easier!